Set of 6 pieces guitar picks Pick Of Destiny 1.3 mm

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Hi, guitarists.


When buying three packages, we will add a colored set of 12 pieces completely free !!



Is it a spell or magic? No, it's the shape that is just absolutely perfect.


The pick is very easy to hold and thanks to its shape you can play anything you can think of, absolutely perfectly.


Precise design and material that will last extremely long. You can use it for weeks and it will still work. The highest quality nylon on the market. The origin of the pick is in the EU.


Don't hesitate with buying, polymer prices are skyrocketing ... we won't be able to keep this great price of 6.90 for too long.


You need to try it.


And don't forget our motto: PLAY LONGER, PLAY MORE !!! Practice makes perfect !!!


You should play and practice..that's is the journey to success. Our picks have been a part of your journey for several years...


Thank you to all loyal customers.


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